Designed for lampworking, fusing and furnace work, all Frit Diva mixes are handmade in small batches,
 and we grind alot of our our own glass in order to offer colors that are not commercially available.
Frit Diva frits are 96 coe, and play very well with 104 and 90 coe, and of course 96 coe glass!
Purchase and use of glass frit may lead to frit dependency. so remember...  Please frit responsibly!
Premium  96 COE  Artist Blended Frit

I’ve been a fulltime flamework glass artist for 25 years. Long ago, I got the nickname “the frit diva” among my glassy friends because I love to play with reactive furnace glass frits, create my own dramatic and funky blends, do lots of off-mandrel work and fume with gold, silver and vermeil finishes. So, really, I could have done a lot worse on the nickname, right?!
 After years of madly flinging together colors to find out what would happen, I developed some combos that I really love to use and thought it was time to share them with other glass artists, so the Frit Diva brand was born. The frit blends I offer are all ones I created for my own use and reflect my own personal style and aesthetic. They're designed to give fun and surprising results over a very basic color palette of 90, 96 or 104 COE glass. Click on the color swatches to the left to learn more about each blend (and see examples of how they can be used).
So, click on the color swatches, take a look around & enjoy!
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More exciting new
 blends coming soon!
Van Gogh Irises
Princess & The Pea
Persephone's Pomegranate
Marlene's Muse
Santa Fe Cowgirl
Petulant Petunia
Don't Worry Be Happy
I Like It Like That
Carmen's Veranda
Raspberry Beret
Rockin' Robin
Arielle's Odyssey