Beyond The
by Jo Rebeka

This is an expanded and updated version
 of my popular Bellflower Variations tutorial
published a few years ago.

Do you own a Carlo Dona Bellflower press?
Now your bellflower press can be a versatile
basis for dozens of different garden creations
(everything shown here plus many more!)

A 54-page tutorial with over 200 photos
and EIGHT separate step-by-step tutorials

Please Note:
This is an beginner/ intermediate tutorial ~
you will  need a basic knowledge
of lampworking & safety,
but advanced skills are NOT needed! 

THE BASICS section shows you how to use the press, and introduces a few specialized tips for creating
different color effects on your Bellflowers....

THE TECHNIQUES section demonstrates 5 major deconstruction techniques and how to apply them to create just about anything you want from the basic bellflower.....

THE STEP-BY-STEP section shows you how to use your Bellflower press to make Daisies, Lilies, Blooming Cactus, Daffodils, Dogwood flowers and even Butterflies!

THE BONUS section shares retail resources, understanding and choosing wire,
and how to make your own custom color blended rods.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to make the items featured in this tutorial, you will need a bellflower press.
I made all the samples with a 20mm, 8 petal Carlo Dona press. You can easily modify the techniques to a different size of Carlo Dona press, but I have not tested the techniques
on other brands of bellflower presses.
Because this is a purchase of digital content, no returns are offered.

you will receive the PDF download link via email
 ~ sorry my web provider doesn't yet support auto downloads ~
And thanks for your patience! 

Depending on the time of your order, it may take a few hours to receive your download email. 
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